{one word} breathe

somewhere in the bloglands i've seen some people who have taken up one word. i can't find any links right now (and with limited internet time, i'm writing about it instead of web-hopping).


lately i've been consciously thinking on, trying to live by, be & do by my one word.

{breathe} verb;
~ to pause, as for breathe, take rest
~ to live; exist
~ to express; manifest.

consciously i am stopping and breathing before actions, thoughts, reactions. especially when dealing with the children, and their 'pushing the boundaries' behaviour.

i am trying to remind myself that

Between stimulus and response there is a space. 
In that space is our power to choose our response. 
In our response lies our growth and our freedom.

                                                                                                           Viktor E. Frankl
i took these photos around our little home, the other day. when i was home alone. we'd had rain for most of the day, so the sky was cloudy and grey, and the sun was only dimly filtering through. in that afternoon moody light, these textures and colours shone out. i do love love love those green.yellow.chartreuse.moss sorts of colours on the post; the colours slowly mixing together around the wood.

* our days are slowly going by. in a happy contented way. i am trying to find a routine, rhythm to get settled into. 

things are good. simple. breathe.