monday things

am sitting here,
remembering the quiet i had over the weekend, while sam+kids were in brisbane. now they are home, and that little four-yr old girl of mine cannot stop the chatter.

more house plans filling my pages. and random drawings of trees, branches, berries, leaves in my sightline.

it's been raining again. winter seems close, cool nights and mornings - we must get our new fireplace connected in soon. and get firewood. it will be quite cold here in a few short months; or even a few long weeks away.....

i am planning on getting back into knitting; will have to be retaught. these patterns are inspiring me; there are at least five or six jumpers/cardigans that i want to make.

other things are slowly bubbling away. slowly simmering. we are talking new ideas, projects, plans.... just waiting to find the headspace + housespace to start new projects.