G+T season

Did you know that we've hit upon G+T season..... well, except that I have soda instead of tonic. But a G+S doesn't sound the same does it; how about just gin & lime.

Despite the rain, and none of those sweltering Brisbane Summer afternoons having arrived yet; it's still been lovely cutting the lime and pouring out a glass of soda, then topping it with a (rather biggish) splash of gin.

The other day we bought a new drink, for the kids + me to have a taste. Black cherry was a bad choice, tasted like medicine. So, I added it to my gin & lime, and it was a lovely, though a bit unusual, taste. I'm going to admit that I did buy the cherry pop because of the retro bottle. We'll taste the grape flavour next time.

I hope your festive season has started with some good and relaxing traditions that require you to sit down and enjoy the sky, birds, and a moment or two of quiet.

*these photos were taken at night time, so have a bit of a dark feel.
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