the heat, the colours and the joy of holidaying with children

We are on holiday, in Cairns. 
For us it's not a new place. Sam was born and grew up here. I lived here for a few years (after I met Sam and followed him - the young 20-yr-old totally in love creature I was - from Brisbane to Cairns). So, when we visit we know people and family and the streets. 

But I haven't been for a few years, and some things have changed. And, yes - I have changed. 

Anyway. It's quite beautiful. The mountains and lush grass and palm trees everywhere. The Esplanade is a fantastic place for a city to have. We've been going swimming as many mornings as we can, early in the morning (except for the day it was pouring with rain, and then the day before that when they were cleaning the pool). 

There are at least two big things about Cairns that make both Sam and me know we would never, could never live here again. (Not that we would anyway; it's not our home at all, never will be). The heat is overpowering and draining and wilting. When you live here your body gets used to it; but now we are both being affected by it dramatically, the kids too (though to a lesser degree). 
Also - the internet connection and speed here is tragic. Ha! Don't I sound like some little princess saying that. But really, much as I don't want to admit it; I think both Sam + I are just a teeny tiny weeny bit addicted to the internet and to speed/fastness. (I put it down to us both being Geminis and wanting new up-to-date fast things like that.. or something). 

Anyway - the Butterfly House was just beautiful, and magical. (Well, would have been if it hadn't been for the 3 1/2yr old brat who spend the whole time complaining that the butterflies wouldn't land on her, and not enjoying the ones flying right past her face and fluttering over her head. And yes - that was our 3 1/2 yr old brat; who also threw herself on the floor of the lovely Japanese restaurant we went to the other night because no-one would do as she demanded!! Fun - I tell you).

No photos, I'm worry. I had one of a stunning Ulysses butterfly; but this free wifi won't let me upload anything.... and it's too slow anyway. You'll have to wait until we're home from Cairns next week.

Until then, I hope you are all well (I'm missing reading your blogs and being here more often, but I am loving just being on holiday and not having access to the internet; good to have a bit of a forced break).

~ E xxx