pin cushion swap details {and sunshine smile photos}

I'm listing the details of my little pincushion swap, so that I can keep everyone's details in one place.

Golly - having nine people in the swap was more than enough for me to organise. Super glad that I didn't have more sign up, or I'd have been organising emails and addresses for longer than my mind could figure. {It's a bit distracting having the 3 1/2 yr old asking me about, and chatting incessantly about, fairies and princesses and mermaids and things. "I only know about mermaids and princesses and fairies. Mum how do you write Snow White, is it an 'S'." (except she doesn't say "snow", she says "no white"). "What colour is Rapunzal's hair? I haven't seen the show or movie or book, have I mummy." and..........}.

So - the swap details are:
+ Everyone has two swap partners (except for Holly who has one partner - due to being the only realist in life and acknowledging that she shouldn't take on too much extra workload! If you've received two partners, and only want one - let me know so I can reallocate the names).
+ Make one pincushion to send each of your swap partners. You may include other little bits and pieces in with your swap, but you are not obliged at all. I trust all of you to make and send something beautiful.
+ Your partner doesn't know who you are - it's a secret swap. So you can blog about what you're making and sending, but please don't say who you're sending to..... You don't need to blog until you've posted your swaps, if you don't want, or you can show progress as you go.
+ You have one month to get your swap made and sent. I'm setting 25th Oct as the date to (try and) have your parcel posted off. But please, don't stress about it - if you feel that you can't get your swap posted in time, let me know, so I can let your partner know.

The swappers are:
and me.

Holly suggested the fun idea of  these shrinky dink pins (from Wee Wonderfuls), if anyone wants to have a go at doing that (looks like good kid fun as well). And Diana sent me this link for some super cute vegetable pin cushions, that double as little table decorations -
There's also some tutorials and links that I listed on my original posting about the swap, here. Do send any more you find and I'll put them up for all to look at. 

Okay - go off and have pin cushion making fun. I know it's school holidays for some of you (or coming up soon anyway), so perhaps you can get the little ones designing pin cushions and helping with the fabric selections. 

*These images are making me smile with happiness. The top one taken with my computer camera; Ari + me sitting in the afternoon sun on the front steps. (look at that glow in my newly-hennaed hair!). The other two taken of me (by Mishi) and Mishi (by me) with her flower fairy mask on. And big smiles. Sweet sweet little babes.
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