today i am.....

: having morning tea (apple + almonds) with the little one - she is singing beautiful songs about Winter fairies, and drawing snow and little creatures (a Winter fairy, a big Winter dinosaur.....)
: trying to warm up in our cold house - the one patch of Winter sunlight hasn't arrived yet
: avoiding the washing up (kitchen is much too cold to be standing still)
: writing lists and planning things - new ventures will be shown here soon
: wondering when I'll find the time on my own (with no kids around...) to start the tax return
: drawing new designs, and thinking of new products to put them on
: enjoying wearing this beautiful and oh-so warm scarflette from the ever-so lovely Sandrine
: looking at (again, yes, again)
: wondering what to make for dinner again tonight; last night it was toast and left over lentils
: trying to find someone to make me a new website (any ideas or recommendations?)
: enjoying the fact that it's almost the weekend, and surely I can sleep in tomorrow (perhaps also the kids can visit their grandparents and I can sit down at the sewing machine - something I haven't done for more than a month now! eeekkkk....itching fingers and ideas).
: being annoyed that Blogger isn't letting me load images with ease.

: look - that's me, on a Friday. So let's say this is a 52 Fridays entry. Ari took these photos before school this morning. (They're not the most flattering images of me, but there's not many taken of me, so I have to have what I get)

kisses E.