reasons to go to Melbourne

I just realised that applications have already opened for the first ever Melbourne Finders Keepers market. This month has just rushed by me, I've lost track of the date.
So - for all you crafty designery types out there, head on over to the Finders Keepers site to find out more about how to apply.
Or otherwise, go along as a looker/customer for some seriously fantastic things to look at (and take home....). 

For me, going to Finders Keepers in Melbourne is just another wonderful reason to get back to that great place that I didn't get enough of last time! So, fingers crossed I get choosen from the vast talent out there.....
{must get working on the new range, and back to the fingers working instead of being crossed, hey}.

*hey look - the artwork is by the ever smiley, sweet and super-duper talented Lauren Carney. We got to meet her at the Brisbane FK last month (and came home with a so-sweet brooch, which I haven't shown you yet, have I?)
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