sewing clothes week

I've seen a bit of a theme, these past weeks, of people getting ready for Elsie Marley's Kids Clothes Week. I didn't get my name on the list in time; but I've decided that I'm going to try and join in anyway. 
The loose "rules" are to spend at least one hour each day, this week, on sewing clothes for kids. It doesn't have to be new fabric or patterns or projects - can be things like repairing or finishing long-overdue WIPs.
I'm really glad to have this basic structure to follow. Because I sew for my business, I've long been putting off my kids' requests for something for them. I keep saying not this week, not now, after the market darling. Well, it's after the market now (until the next one!), so I'm promising at least 1 - 2 new items for each kid this week. 
Last week Mishi looked through some pattern books, to see what she would like best. Of course lovely dresses are always on her list, but i think she also needs some little shorts or undies or something (always a battle to get her to cover her nether regions when we go out!). And Ari needs some nice pants and shorts - most of his wardrobe is made up of hand-me-downs in beige and grey. 
The red riding hood cape will be finished - still haven't chosen a lining fabric, though. 
I'll work out a making list as I go, I think. I don't want to stress myself out, or plan more than I know I will achieve. Life keeps getting in the way!
** The little torn scraps of paper are for her to use as bookmarks for the clothes she likes best. It was a fantastic way to keep her entertained for a good long time, while I got some other work done. 
** Books in the pile are: Seams To Me; Sewing Clothes Kids Love; Sew Liberated; and a few Japanese ones that I bought from Kinokuniya last year, and are currently in my downstairs sewing room (I can't recall their names / ISBN, so no linking as I'm too lazy to walk all the way down and then back up..... ha. That's lazy, ha! I'll link to let you know, once I use them - as some very good patterns).
** Fabrics are the cherry miniwale cord for Red Riding Hood Cape, some blue+white stripes I've had in my stash forever, which Mishi always pulls out {best sew her something with it, hey!}, Kokka Ballerinas, and Michael Miller Flower Fairies. {Sylve + I used to love the flower fairy stories when we were girls, and these are beautiful representations, some with glitter}. (Both were bought on sale at my local-ish quilting shop, unfortunately there was too much end-of-long-day-tired-whinging the second time we went and tried to get some more on-sale fabric for Ari).