red riding hood and chocolate

It's so lovely spending time at home with my little one. She has such a wonderful interest in fabric and colours and patterns. Always asking me to make her something new - a party dress, a skirt for her doll, a new blanket, a crown, a bracelet. 
She brings me pieces of her play fabric and ribbons from my ribbon jar, and asks me to create costumes and clothes for her. Always in a very particular way. She knows exactly how she wants it - I think perhaps she can see it in her mind, though often she can't vocalise to me exactly how I'm meant to tie or pin or twist it. Some frustration does occur. 
Yesterday she asked me for a Little Red Riding Hood cape - after bringing me endless lengths of fabric to be turned into all sorts of capes and special hoods and dresses. As I had to go out to the fabric shop anyway, to get some supplies for new products for this weekends market (sneaks on that later), I decided we should choose some red for a little riding hood cape at the same time. 

Today we sat down {with our afternoon iced chocolate + affogato} and got some ideas down on paper. Isn't this just the best and sweetest Little Red Riding Hood. Look at her wonderful whimsical shoes, which are meant to be different colours and have ribbons tied up them like a ballerina's slippers. And four hair clips in her hair.
I did some measurements and right now the beginnings of a calico (or muslin, or better still toile, as it really should be called) mock-up are on my sewing table. 
While I bought the red fabric - a mini pinwale cord in cherry - I haven't yet got any lining fabric. I was imagining some Kokka Red Riding Hood, but they didn't have any in stock at the specialist fabric shop (different place to the big chain shop), and I can only find green online. Also, I'm not quite convinced that it's the best option. 
We (the kids + me) spent a good deal of time last night looking online for some inspiration. How wonderful to be able to have both my kids (1 girl + 1 boy) interested in looking at fabric - and not just fairies or dinosaurs! 
These are a few on our / my shortlist :: Kitty Kokeshi, Starling, Spotted Owl, Clouds, Forest Hills, Dandelion Fields.  I'm waiting until I work out exactly how much meterage I need, before I order anything. I'd love to hear if you have any other options we could look at - I'm hoping this will be a cape to last her at least 2+ years, so want it to be a beautiful fabric we will continue to enjoy.