{in every image}

This holiday ended up being all about the kids. That's why they are in basically every single image. Actually, I do have many that they didn't manage to jump into - I'll show more later. Just wanted to let you all know we have returned home safely.

We did have such a lovely lovely time. 
The kids tested our boundaries of patience a bit too much. 

Our holiday home was so beautiful. Serene and quiet. Cold. It was so good to walk into a home that looked like that, and be able to live even if just for a few days, in a tidy and very styled home. No clutter!

{Lying in that bath was just wonderful. With all the candles on.}

 {The outside swings + creek + running hills. Pity it was so cold - or we'd have been swimming and paddling in the water. We didn't see the shy little platypus; but did have some funny guinea fowls to chase}

Breakfast at Harvest Cafe, Newrybar. If you're ever in the area, do make sure to stop at this lovely cafe. It's a 2second detour from the main highway. The food was yummy, very excellent value, good kids menu too, service was friendly and efficient. And the old Queenslander house looked beautiful - styling was lovely; it felt good just sitting in such a great building.
We drove past this church each day - think we'll stay here next time...
{there'll be more photos, once I upload Ari's camera, as he took some great ones}

That's enough for now. There's so many lovely ones - I do want to share with you. 

Be back soon.
E xxxx
Also - thank you so much to everyone for your sweet birthday wishes. Was so lovely to come home to all those emails - from blogger + facebook. It's such a wonderful feeling to have dear friends pop by for a little birthday love.