lines, shapes, texture :: family day outing

On Sunday we all went to the art gallery. With only one day a week altogether (due to school + working hours), we don't often have time or energy to go and do regular visits to busy-Sunday places. 
With the APT6 (Asia Pacific Triennial - an event held in Brisbane gallery every three years) ending very soon, I wanted to show Sam one particular artwork that I'd seen during the week, while visiting the exhibition with a friend. Between the kids' whinging, and pulling and moaning (ours and it seems at least half of the rest of the gallery - Sunday at the gallery is not a quiet, peaceful, relaxing place to be!), we did manage to stop and look at those particular drawings for at least half a second. 
We had a few fun moments all getting lost in the string room - a big room painted white, with white rope-like string hanging from the roof in varying heights. Walking around in there has a feeling sort of similar to the light and movement of being in a bamboo forest. A lovely place to be on a quiet weekday; but still lovely to experience by hearing my family chatter in the space around me.
I particularly love the way this paper sculpture fits within the shapes of the gallery. The lines, sway, movement. I feel that the GOMA is one of the best public spaces in Brisbane - so beautifully designed and made, and so lovely to have that space to be in, walk in. Often my family (my dad, sisters, Sam) have mentioned how we'd love to have deep wide windows and verandahs and spaces like that. Just spaces. With perhaps a single chair for sitting and watching the clouds change over the river. No other gallery lookers, of course. It would be our own space - we're greedy, and don't want to share this space. 
If you go to the gallery on quiet weekdays, sometimes it does feel like you don't have to share.