just a few corners

I'm heading off to bed.
Have a course, in the city, tomorrow - so must get my brain development sleep!
These are a few photos from the corners around where I sit at my little computer.

+some new notice boards I've been working on, some wooden, hand carved Indian printing blocks
+some of my own hand printed 'Potter's Daughter' fabric,
+my Buddhas, Ganesh, a funny lion/dragon thing I bought many years ago in Thailand, and a little soldier from a collection of my mum's things.
+a collection of seedpods, bowls, tins, boxes, shells and (small) animal bones
+an embroidery of one of Mishi's drawings - a shark
+a little embroidered brooch from Rebecca {who has a little giveaway on her blog at the moment, of her super sweet tissue pouches}.

Good night my dear friends. xxx