51 versions of me ~ 5

i had a little sleep.
have not been sleeping well, of late. kids wake up in night, either they come into my bed, or i end up in their beds.
so short afternoon naps are very pleasant to be able to have.
i kept waking up, hearing noises. i am not used to sleeping in a quiet, alone house. (many noises outside).
both kids at school. husband at work. me sleeping! sounds like a delicious life, doesn't it.
(house is a mess, still have to wash the breakfast dishes, will have to wash school uniforms + kindy sheets this afternoon. feeling guilt over being a stay-at-home-mum who doesn't keep house very well. still sound delicious.)

anyway, before my little nap.
i wrote down a list of things
things i need to do
want to do
need to do.

did you read this blog post yesterday. so, i didn't need to write one - pretend i wrote that. though, of course, my pictures wouldn't be as beautiful, or beautifully matched. {even in her non-creative-phase, she's creative. grrrr}.

i got a lot of things down on paper.
really worked things out in my head.
directions to move to.
things to be happening, get working on.
where to go, what to do.

and then, i had a marvelous little day dream of where i will be in six months time. creatively. work-related. design/sewing/products/range/brand.
won't share yet, but hopefully soon i can show you that it's falling into place.

so you like our blue sheets. what a lovely colour to sleep in. our bedroom walls in our last house were close to this colour. i miss the colour of our last house. this house is dirty white. we will find our very own new house soon, soon, soon.

so - today. i feel good. optimistic. about myself. in my mind and body.
{tomorrow may be a different story - but today is now is the moment is today}.

*** I would like to thank you all for the sweet, lovely, thoughtful and totally ego-boosting comments over the past little while. I feel so lucky, blessed, and happy happy happy to have so many wonderful friends who offer me little gifts so freely, easily and thoughtfully. I truly appreciate each and every comment that you leave me.