A lovely weekend was spent with my family.
With the raggle-taggle-pell-mell-tumble-bumble pile of kids, and the worn out though contented mummas.
I did not get any crochet done. I sat, once the kids were all in bed, but the crochet counting didn't happen - too distracted with girly talk.
Thank you my sisters three, for a lovely weekend. For understanding looks, and knowing glances. For not having to explain anything about anything.
For sharing conversations around the bath and the fire.
For working together to have a lovely memorable weekend for all the cousins.
And thank you little ones, all seven of you, for being the terrible beautiful - beautiful terrors that you all are. And for laughing and jumping and playing and riding and running and screaming and talking.
Yes, you may ask who was the silly crazy mum to give them ice cream and sprinkles - but we like to be nice occasionally. Just so you know, the cake and ice cream were on different days. We do like to extend the sugar-highs out as best we can!
I will upload more photos onto flickr when the new month starts. We have all but used up our upload quota and I am NOT paying some crazy extra fees.