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It's raining today. I couldn't help but capture this image of the beautiful Chinese Elm outside the window. It's turned the most vibrant glowing yellow. Perfect against the rain-sky. And the red roof of the next door neighbour's garage.
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A boat train from some boxes we brought home today from the fruit shop. Enough space for two little creatures, and some friends. The new robot friends we made at our workshop (mini Mondays at Reverse Garbage). Ari's robot is called Ari and Mishi's is called Ari, guess who named them both! I'm sure you can work out who made which one; let me just say that Mishi did her's ALL on her own. Because she wasn't officially booked in (and paid for) the lady wouldn't hot glue it (even though Mishi kept asking when her turn was), but sweet little creature that she is (can be), she made her own without any help at all.
They are great new friends. Ari-bot has a mouth that can change from smile to frown, very convenient I think.