beep bop beep bop

We like robots around here; well, I suppose, actually, that most kids do.I had this sweet little robot from Kristen Doran, hiding in my present (underwear) draw, waiting for the right moment to hand it over to Ari.
Last Friday night we went to the Avid Reader Little Market, and Mishi chose a beautiful little handcrafted doll. (pictures another day, sorry).
Of course, Ari felt a bit sad that he didn't have a new friend. So, out came the little robot.
He loves it. Thank you so much Kristen for this perfect friend. It has all the detail that a kid loves; he keeps asking me what each button does. There are so many buttons, so many different things your robot could do.
The morning after we gave it to him, he woke up and drew this amazing illustration of 'Robie'.
Every morning Ari draws, each and every morning our house is filled with glorious images like this - and while beautiful and special and magical, it can get a bit crazy with paper everywhere.
I'd love some ideas on how you keep all the paper and artworks contained, while showing them off and appreciating them at the same time.
You can buy Kristen's robots made up, or as fabric panels - with lots of little robie friends. Over here.*bottom photos from Kristen Doran's site. Top is Ari's artwork.
**Also, just wondering, does anyone know much about kids writing styles, etc. The other day Ari wrote a whole word upside down (the word was imagination). All the letters were correct, and totally legible. He is left-handed and writes backwards just as easily as forwards, but this is the first time I have seen him write upside down. Is this natural in kids, or...... is my kid special!!. (I hope you understand the joke in asking is my kid as special, but just wondering).