we saw the din-on-saurs

On Tuesday, the kids and I went to the museum and both the galleries (GOMA and QAG). We had a wonderful time looking at the water fountains, some that haven't been full and splashing for many years now (due to water restrictions). And seeing matchboxes turned into art, and talking about how art doesn't always have to be "art". How sometimes pieces of old tin, and typewriters and rolls of paper can be art as well as drawings and paintings.
We searched the room of artifacts, and found bird eggs and nests, and turtle shells and stuff animals. Ari said the room was scary, which I suppose it could be, if you think about all the snakes and spiders and furry animals - and sad too, to think that all these animals are dead. But also very amazing to have the opportunity to see them all, and touch some (and really, they'd probably be dead anyway, rotted into the bush somewhere!).
We looked at the dinosaur garden. I remember it from my youth - still the same, the "dinosaur fossil trees" a little bigger, but the massive dinosaur statues the same. For me, now, I do not see the magic of the the Do Not Climb signs, but the kids still see the magic and the fantasy. I and try and remember our visits to the museum and looking and searching and exploring and learning and loving.And then, instead of heading home, we moved on to the GOMA where we walked through furry trees. It was like a Winter wonderland. I took (sneaky) photos with my phone, Ari kept telling Mishi not to touch, and Mishi looked (and touched) in awe and amazement and the maze of fluffy trees. We explored Alien world, and - to tell you the truth - were a little disappointed (Ari and me) by the promise of special rooms to unlock with our Alien cards. Rooms which ended up being boxes with a silly tv screen and an even sillier message. It's good though, for a four-year old to learn about the disappointment of advertising. And good for me to see my son have expectations and not be happy with bland and boring.But the best part of the day, for me, was when Mishi finally fell asleep in her pram. Ari and I sat down at the riverside cafe, where we drank juice (and yes, some hot chips), and drew and chatted.
Finally I breathed easily in my whole body. I let the strain and tension slip away. We sat under the trees, listening to the birds and the water. And I chatted with my son. My son who is intelligent, and loving and kind and so so funny, and very talented at his drawing, and his writing. And understands so much. And each day amazes me all over again.
And watched my daughter sleep. My daughter who is silly, and growing, and funny, and dances so beautifully and loves her brother intensely, and talks more each day, and sings songs and counts, and talks about herself. And understands so much! And each day amazes me all over again.
And I sat and drew, unashamedly, not caring what my pictures looked like. And I tried to be amazed at myself all over again.
*** Excuse the quality of these photos, they are taken with my phone camera. Sometimes the feel and memory-inducing aspect of a photo is more important than the quality. ***