sometimes life looks better in b/w

We went out today for a couple of hours, and I came home feeling hot and tired, with a hot body and a heavy head. I felt like cutting all my hair off, it was weighing me down.
Sam let me sleep for a little while, until the afternoon sun came into the room, waking me up. He took the kids for a walk, a little later on, and I looked at these beautiful photos. They surely helped to cool me down a little bit.

Then I put my own camera onto the black & white setting. Looking at our house without the colour changes the way you see things. The background noise (mess) wasn't so obvious. The dominos left over from the games played wasn't annoying, the bowl and fork from a late snack of pasta looked more interesting in b/w than in real daylight heat and colour.
I'm sure I'll switch back to the colour mode of the camera tomorrow (we are going to my dad's for the weekend, a bit of a relax and some walking in the forest, and photo taking. Refresh and inspiration), but for now I'm enjoying what the arty, grainy b&w is making me feel.
See the rest here, including some beautiful images of my two little precious ones.