weather the weather be fine or weather the weather be not

I just wanted to quickly show you the weather we have been having lately. Endless rain, and in some parts of our country - lots of flooding. Our city dams, which have been at scary low levels (down to almost 15% last year), are finally getting a small bit of relief. Thankfully the city council is not lifting the water restrictions - just easing them. Though, honestly, I do not know how people can use as much water as they do. (I say this, smugly, knowing that we fall into the smallest water usage in our area, even with washing cloth nappies!).
After torrential downpours yesterday, where Sam had to ride home on his bicycle, it was warm (think muggy) and sunny today. Yesterday and today we were blessed with glorious afternoon skies.
And, while I'm talking about skies - the other morning, at about 5.30am, the sky was the most magical honey colour. Pouring in our windows. Both kids were drawn to peering out the windows at our bed, as soon they woke up. Stretching out to soak up the colour and magic. The whole sky was overcast / cloudy, the sun was reflecting across it all. Within only minutes it was back to grey clouds. But lying in bed for the few moments of quiet before getting up to go to yoga, I thought and thought about the Joni Mitchell song where "the sun poured in like butterscotch, and stuck to all my senses".