a little making and doing

Right now I'm doing some making and planning -
:: zippered pouch purses using my new fabric print lacework/leafwork in deep teal. I like the gold metal zips I've been using. I hope to get these on the website later this week
:: more crochet - little bits here and there. Making happy little mountains and stacks of crochet goodness
:: organising the next handcrafted market at the Tweed Gallery, coming up in June
:: planning the agenda for the school P&C meeting tonight; my first meeting as the new president...
:: planning and organising and getting excited about a little popup crafty event I'm doing in town with some other local creatives. It's sure to be lots of messy fun!

The weather is cold and breezy, it seems that Autumn is here. It's sunny outside, which I am very thankful for - but I expect the rain will be back soon.

What are you doing today?

Swap from a French friend {Cozy Homemaking}

When I arrived home on Monday evening {after my weekend away at my dad's (with no kids!) for the Environment Day faire}, there was a parcel waiting for me. Not just any parcel - a lovely big box. I knew straight away what it was.

Recently Sonia and I decided to do a little swap, and she was so prompt with her end of bargain that I've already got the beautiful.delicious.thoughtful.warm.handmade.loveliness in my hands. And some in my tummy too!
Look at this sweet little fabric coaster. With my name custom stamped, and those lovely little stitches. I've been meaning for such a long time to make myself a little coaster to put my cup on while I'm sitting at my desk, at my computer. Did you read my mind, Sonia? This is so pretty - I'm going to love looking at it every day under my cup of tea or dandelion.
And a little note book, brightened up with floral fabric and stitching details. I'll be carrying this around with me every day, in my handbag, to jot down all those things that pop into my head. I'm learning more and more in life to use the beautiful things and not keep them for a special occasion. Everyday's a special occasion, no?
I've already decided to make myself a skirt out of the fabric. It's the soft sweet green + pink floral print seen in the background above. Perfect Summer skirt - which means that I do have a few months before I have to make it (being realistic here, knowing I won't need it for Winter, so I'll put it in my fabric stack for a little while to enjoy). Of course, Mishi already suggested a dress for herself....
And the kids love their new books. We've been making up the story each time we read it, as it's all written in French. It's so nice to see some words that I can work out. But it's nicer still for the kids to have to make the story up, rather than relying on me to tell it to them. They're both very interested and curious about le tour Eiffel. It's also giving me a chance to tell them little bits about my visit to Paris many many lifetimes ago.

And thank you Sonia for the Marie Claire Idees magazine. I can barely believe that you didn't even open it up and read it. I've long seen this magazine around the web, and thought it looked interesting. Even though I can't read it, I'm loving looking at the fashion, the projects and bright fun French magazine. I think I'll be able to work out how to make some of the sewing projects in here, which is good. It's a great magazine, with a mix of things that I really like. 

You're wondering about them tummy bit.... well... Ummmm... I guess I could take a photo of a half eaten box of galettes or sucettes.

Thank you thank you thank you so much Sonia for your beautiful, thoughtful, generous and inspiring gifts. My whole family appreciates it. The kids love their books and cookie cutters (I'll do some baking with them today to use them), and I am so touched by all that you have made and sent me. 
I do promise that I'll get your swap sent off this week. Fingers crossed, promise.

*Please visit Sonia's beautiful blog Cozy Homemaking, and also her very inspiring Naturally Dyeing blog. Check out her Etsy shop, where she has some very special pieces made with love, care, and attention. (She currently has free shipping worldwide).

craftiness the Bris-Style way

This coming Saturday sees another glorious Winter day (fingers crossed we get the sun and not the wind and rain!) at the beautiful St Augustine's Church Grounds. Bris-Style's Winter Indie Designer's market is always a day of the best craft around, and the friendliest smiles and of course great displays too. Make sure you do come along for a fun day out - rain or shine we'll all be there.
Here's just a small line-up of a few of my favourites from the Bris-Style gang (which continues to grow each and every day).

Hot Toffee's Juicy Apple Dangles or Juicy Lemon Lolly Cubes Fused Glass Earrings

SMBoutique's Hand Felted Scarflet with shades of grey, pink and white

Moose & Bird's Fabric Doll

Jettas Nest's Juicy Pear Brooch

Blossom Child's Summer Dress or Boys Plane Shorts

Miss Dish's Ruby Noir or The Coco

And of course, I'll be there too. With some new things that I'm making, and our fabrics - scrap packs and fat quarters. I'll have my trusty mirror/badge machine, which had a lot of fun at our last market outing, so bring your creative self and make a little treasure to take home. 

See you Saturday.

stamping love

This afternoon the lovely Holly, came up to me with two sweet little bags for my kids. I peeked inside with excitement and anticipation, and WOW! Inside the cutest, funkiest, funnest, sweetest, coolest, best little creatures I've seen. The girl who declared (yesterday in our printing class) that she can't draw! (those are her cute penguin-looking, chicken fish prints from yesterday's class).Holly hand carves these glorious little treasures. You read that right; she hand carves them. Such intricate details, such attention and love and care and dedication and talent.
And, boy did my kids LOVE love love them! They peeked at them in the car on the way home, and chatted and looked and swapped to look at each other's, and talked about the little bag they were in. And chatted some more, about Holly, who has the giant ice-cream at the craft market (you know the things kids remember!).And, as soon as we got home from the necessary supermarket shopping, they pulled them out, grabbed newspaper and paper (well, Sam set up the "keep table clean" precautions). And they started printing. And printing. And printing. And Ashey was here too. And the three of them could have spent a whole day making pictures out of 6 different stamps, and drawing little designs and stories and writing around them.
I just want to say that Holly, and her mum, are two of the loveliest and most caring and genuine and loving people I have met and been able to hang out with. We had such fun next to each other at the Melbourne show, and while we're not next to them this time around, we've been visiting each other's stalls often. These are two people who we would never have met in any other situation (even apart from the fact they live so far away in Melbourne). They have such a fantastic mother-daughter relationship; that mutual respect and total deep care for each other. That thing that perfect mother-daughters have together. That wonderful relationship I enjoy being a part of, lucky to be in their presence together.
Holly sells her hand carved stamps on Etsy, along with some other little pieces she sews and makes in her spare time. And look at her newest (and most dedicated!!!!!) venture; handstamping fabric. I love love love those acorns. What would you make with your own acorn fabric?

I'd best get onto finishing my swap things for Holly, hey!

PS - I'm eating chocolate for dinner now at 9pm, after I ate lunch at 5.30pm. That's the craziness of Craft Show. I'll take some photos of our stall tomorrow, and some other crafty loveliness.

Good night xxx