Craft Hope Giveaway

So, here it is - The Craft Hope Book - in all it's handcrafted goodness and "spreading the seeds of hope one stitch at a time". It was on my desk waiting for me yesterday afternoon (I'm sure Mishi was disappointed that it wasn't for her, but happy enough to see the lovely book anyway - with lots of great projects and pretty pictures to look at).
I love the format of this book, easy to sit and look at, easy to have by your side while you're sewing or making, easy for the kids to look through. {Easy for me to find the page where our project is.... the lucky last project in the book}. And all the special heart-warming photos of smiling and happy children.

There are so many bloggers here, who I love reading and am inspired by. A very short list includes  {BlueYonderRanch} Stefani,  {Soulemama} Amanda, {One Red Robin} Jhoanna, {Maya*made} Maya, {A Foothill Home Companion} Molly, {Geninne's Art} Geninne, as well as a whole heap more. The full list can be found on the Lark Crafts site.

The projects in this book at achievable and versatile; there's a great assortment from quilts to bags (yes, my stencilled book bag) to sweet dolls, dresses, and carved stamps. Make them for yourselves, a gift for friends or family, or send them on to one of the many charities mentioned (there's often more than one charity for each project, as well as ideas for local to you options).

I have one copy of Craft Hope :: Handmade Crafts for  a Cause to giveaway. To enter, please tell me what crafting you would like to do to help out your community (be it near or far community - world or local) or those in need. I'll keep the giveaway open until next Friday 10th September, some time late in the evening. I'll even sign the book especially for you - and perhaps there'll be a little extra something in the parcel as well.......

crafting for hope

I am eagerly awaiting the arrival in the post of my copy of Craft Hope:Handmade Crafts for a Cause.

I am more than proud to be included in this beautiful looking book. A book that is more than just about the projects and designers; more than just about the bloggers and artists; it's about a global community doing something to make a change a difference.

All the projects in the Craft Hope book have a related charity, allowing you to do more with your crafting skills - helping people on the other side of the world, or around the corner. By doing something we all love to do (sew, knit, crochet.....) we can give love, warmth, respect and hope to someone in need.

There's a Month of Hope started over on Lark Craft (the publishers). Jade's {Chikaustin + Craft Hope founder + mother of 3 under 5 + extraordinarily amazing woman} story starts the month off, so go and check it out. She's spent many many months putting this amazing book together, as well as continuing on with the charities that Craft Hope support.

I'll be having a giveaway of the book, when I receive my copy. In the meantime, increase your chances by checking out these two giveaways - Chikaustin + Craft Hope.