the collection {or high fashion & tomatoes in the compost}

I've made a simple little montage on our 
website, showing a preview of our new 

I'm working on a small collection to start, 
but am already designing new pieces that will probably 
become the start of an early Autumn range.

I do hope you like what you see. 

I have my fabric arriving next week,
and some other samples hopefully this week.

There will be lots of cutting, 
sewing and
happening over the next few weeks + months.

{I have started asking some friends
if they may like to help me with the sewing... we will see}.

Anyway - we have a new website being built, so until then this is all you'll see
(unless you see me in person around the place. 
I'll be here and here over the next week, 
and why wouldn't I be wearing / showing off my newest pieces).

Okay, I'm off to dig up the tomatoes that are growing out of the compost heap. We're finally planting a little garden space at Ari's school. It's only taken since the start of the school year (February!) to get this sorted. I got to school this morning, to the wonderful sight of two of the mums digging in the soil, and all the rest of the parents (some big burly dads included) standing and watching them. There was a spare shovel or two sitting idly around....