gather :: create ~ creative workshops for getting lost and found

I want to tell you about a beautiful and really special new 'thing' I've been working on. And finally launched. It's full of heart and creative making and connections and joy and play and lots of colour, and maybe some mistake making too. Just the way I like my days I think!

gather :: create is the collaboration of myself and my sister Leah. It's the start of events and workshops that are a little different than the usual. It's about immersing yourself into the process, of learning new skills, of learning new ways to rework old-known skills, and also - very important for me - of not needing to worry about the outcome.

For our first event we are hosting two very inspiring visual artists, both who work a similar way, yet their different styles and personalities bring completely different viewpoint to their work. By similar I mean, they both have a relaxed and play-based approach to their work, their are willing to let go and see where talking with their materials takes them, they are ok with mistake making, with learning on the journey, with sometimes being wrong and learning something new about themselves and their practice. 

Different approaches? Well, you only have to look at their work to see that while process and journey making is vital to both of them, they are absolutely on different journeys. 

Unfurl :: small scale conversations with textiles by Alex Falkiner.

Poetic Collage :: where words, paper and pictures collide by Karina Jean Sharpe.

The day will be two workshops, one with each of these talented and fascinating creatives, as well as a long lunch, endless cups of tea (nibbles for morning and afternoon tea - cake!!), a goodie bag and SO much more. It's to be held in the beautiful ceramic studio of Pinky & Maurice in South Golden Beach, Northern NSW. 

I'll be back soon with more info about the whole day, with details about each workshop, who is making our delicious food and lots more. For now, please do check out the bookings site for some extra info and our facebook page. Spaces are very limited for this event, as we want to have connections made between the participants, rather than a giant party! 

{images used with thanks from:
top left - me, top right - Leah, middle: Alex, bottom: Karina
these are all links to our Instagram feed. Go have a look at the pretty over there!}.