Instagram for Creatives - Creative Business Talks with Leah Deighton

Last year I met the most wonderful person, who has become a dear friend and inspiring creative connection. Jo Olive and I have joined our combined talents together to form Creative Business Talks.

Our aim is to bring guest speakers who have skills, experience and a beautiful personality to share with you their knowledge and journey. Being a creative and running your own business is often hard and feels like you're all alone; the reality is that our region has the biggest percentage of creatives outside of a major city in Australia. There are lots of us here, in our studios and workspaces. Creative Business Talks will bring us together, with a combined sense of sharing our skills and our love of being small business creatives. Please read more about us over here.

Our first talk to kick off the new direction is something that we believe every small business and creative maker should be an active part of. Instagram is one of the most powerful of social media forums available for us. Since it's inception in October 2010, Instagram has rivaled Facebook so much that they bought the company to stop any competition! The Creative Business Talks team use Instagram daily, to promote their own small business as well as connect with like-minded makers.

Our guest is the beautifully humble Leah Deighton, who runs the curated online store Sang the Bird, filled with handcrafted goodness. Leah's Instagram images share her heartfelt days with the world, and allow her to live her life in the forest while maintaining her website and being a full time mama. Through her Instagram feed, Leah has been featured on the Times daily blog and in print media Flow Magazine, as well as other online features.

Our talk will take you through the basics of Instagram, including beginners how to, Leah's favourite apps to use, her journey and how Instagram has changed Leah's daily outlook on life, as well as made connections world wide. We have personally seen the benefits of Instagram for small business owners, in the creative realm, from direct sales and customer contact through to media and other promotion.

Instagram for Creative Business Talk - Thursday 19th September, 2013. 6.30-9pm. Held at the Tweed River Art Gallery workshop space. $40 per ticket. Includes tea, coffee, nibbles and take home notes as well as the chance to have fun with our little Instagram photo booth session! Bookings available here.

*all images are from Leah's Instagram feed. Please please go and have a look, and check out here blog too.