the jewels on a web

If it weren't for spiders, we wouldn't have spider webs.

I took this photo on Sunday morning, and upon posting it to Instagram I wrote these words to go along with it. One of those (rare) times when real wisdom comes out of my mind without me overthinking it. 

But it has got me thinking. In fact, I've been thinking all since then about the fact that if it weren't for the hard, ugly, difficult, challenging things, then the beautiful things wouldn't be as beautiful. Or that if we didn't have those hard things we wouldn't have the beautiful things. 

{Before I go further, I want to say that I like spiders, and find some of them beautiful and amazing and intricate, but they're not something I love - and they still make me feel a bit icky}.

So, remember the next time something is harder, more challenging or real life is uglier than you'd hoped; for jewels to sparkle on a web, we need spiders to build those webs. 

{and that's your bit of wisdom on this Autumny Tuesday evening!}.