it's been a while {this post is dedicated to the letter 'c'}

overflowing creeks.

that is my life at the moment.
rain rain and more rain.
the creeks have been swollen for what seems like years and years.

We have been flooded numerous times, school was closed one day and other days we simply didn't go at all.

Between the rainy moments we have been mixing and pouring concrete. Making walls for our living room. They are taking much longer than necessary - I cannot know the reason why; there surely are lessons there somewhere...... We are plodding on and on to get the walls made and finished. For once we have walls we can lay the floor and put in doors and windows, and then ceiling lining. And then. Oh and then.

a room. a space.
Will be ready for us to move into. Something new and fresh. And made by our hands, and the hands of our family (my dad and my brother-in-law and us). 
And then we will make our kitchen. And who knows we may even be moved in before my good good best best friend visits from New Zealand in 6 weeks. 
(a girl can always dream, can't she....). 

In between the concreting I have been crocheting. What else is one to do when the rain continues to pour and fall and fill up the yard. Tea drinking and crochet seem to have become big past times at the moment; And I am not complaining!

Thank you for those of you who keep visiting here. I always hope to come back more often, and life may have some changes over the next months so I may have more of a routine and therefore be able to visit here more. Here's hoping it all happens as planned. Here's hoping you can visit again soon, and I can be here and we can share tea and crochet and stories and laughs. How are you? I do miss you all when I can't be here; let me know how you are, won't you xxx

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