the sacrificial lamb :: but not wool

So there are only a handful of days left until the end of month one of 2013. hmmmm. well. um..

The other day my neighbour said that January is like the sacrificial lamb.

And maybe she's right. It's been all about the holidays and just being with the kids and dealing with their needs (and their moans and their wants and and and......). But I'm just being with it. Have learnt that fighting it is no use; I neither get anything done nor feel good. So this way at least I'm feeling at peace with just being, and having lots of wonderful laughs with my family.

Which means that my 5 things list really isn't gonna happen. Nup. Giving that up. February it is for all the work stuff and making and me time.

So, what have I been doing. Well some of this. And it's been fun and my whole family is loving it and getting excited about it. Even the cat. Yep - the cat is excited about my crochet tshirt yarn rug.

I've had the start of this sitting in the cupboard for well over a year waiting patiently. The other day for no reason at all I pulled it out of the basket and started cutting up more tshirts and starting hooking. And kept on going. 

I've been told, by the tallest person in our family, that it needs to be big enough to lay on. I'll be needing some more tshirts from said person's cast-offs then, I do think.

This rug is a good use of old tshirts and a wonderful new addition to your floor. So quick and easy to stitch up as well - though do be prepared for lots of furry tshirt bits all over you and the floor (maybe don't be wearing black). I can write a tutorial if you want, but I do think that there's probably lots out there if you do a search. Also, mostly I'm just making it up and adding extra stitches as I see fit (and sometimes unpicking a little if need be). It's simple single and double crochet, using a size 10 crochet hook and hand-cut tshirt yarn. If you don't know how to cut your own tshirt yarn; well there's lots of videos and instructions for that as well. Oh this internet thing sure is good isn't it!!!

I haven't even managed to barely get onto my computer these past days, but perhaps I'll be back soon with some other little home-makings I've been doing.

Maybe it's not so much a sacrificial lamb as the making of yarns and tales {tails} with my own little lamblets. What do you think? 

*and before you ask - my kids are every bit as internet aware as you or I (probably more so really). They know that photos of one's feet is very bloggish/IGer-ish, so of course they wanted to do that. And of course, I obliged.