chocolate icecream and ......

I am eating chocolate icecream, while my family is all tucked up in bed (including the cat who has been sleeping on a piece of my fabric on a box for the last three days; he's only been up for food as far as we can tell). 

I should be writing my speech for tomorrow's school presentation. I am expected to speak in front of the whole assembly, important p&c president type things - not sure it's something I can wing, so I should write some words down on paper.

This week on instagram I followed a little theme that was happening, choosing 4 of my favourite photos from 2012. While I can never choose 4 favourites, what I found while looking through my massive archive was that the images that spoke to me most were of these crochet stones and also of my natural plant dyeing and stitch work. These images jumped out at me, sang to me. Make me realise that these are the things that have made me most creatively fulfilled this year past. And that I want to focus and dedicate and commit to doing more of next year. 

I am waiting until after Christmas to start any new year's resolutions, as I'm busy up till that point. But I have made a "my crochet stones" pinterest board, and intend to add many many images to that over the coming months. More crochet stones in life I do believe will be a good thing. And if they are crocheted using my own naturally plant dyed yarns, then that is even better. The best thing I think will be if those stones scatter off to live in other homes and find their way into the hearts of other people. 

What do you think about that? 
What made you happy, content, creatively fulfilled this year? 
Was it something as simple as a little creek or beach pebble. Oh golly - I really am simple of heart, aren't I? and that I feel is a good good thing. 

*second image is from Lisa Mitchell's blog. I do like that little saying - makes me think that big things are inside me, ready to grow.