{Saturday moments} tending

This is a little gathering of plants that Sam tends to. He pots them up, chooses some moss (the wet damp edges of our yard always have moss), and cares for them.
All of these green leafy plants came from within our garden and the forest, except for the echiveria (is that at all anything what it's called?). Sacred bamboo and a teeny hoop pine - a baby from the giant one that lives beside our home, as well as some other alum type plants (I really do need to learn plant names, don't I? But then, does it matter to love something and not know what it's called. .....).

Here's to a happy Saturday to you. We are heading off to a sweet little party. The invite said to wear something that makes us happy - Mishi is putting on tutus, and Ari is wearing his mummy (Egyptian mummy) shirt. There'll be photos after the party, and I'm sure sangthebird and I will instagram during the party too (oh yes, you can be sure of that!).