{weekending} raising the flag, cooee & cake - who could complain!

I must admit that I still cannot quite believe the beautiful weather we have been having. Perfectly glorious Autumn days and crisp clear nights.

This weekend we have ::
- tidied the house throughly
- sorted kids clothes (and found new homes for lots of grown-out-of pieces)
- stacked our wood pile bigger for Winter fires
- enjoyed the beautiful skies and the silhouettes of the afternoon shadows and trees
- visited the dam and coo-eeed from across the water to each other
- breathed and enjoyed the moments of living here. the sheer and utter wonderfulness at where we live!!
- cut three different fingers. one very deep (while cleaning the stove). big fat bandaids make hard work for typing or crochet. {well that was me - I cut my fingers. all three cuts}
- had beautiful cake for our birthday (which is on Wednesday). thank you thank you so much to Sam's parents for coming down and spoiling us. we were NOT expecting cake or presents at all. (both Sam and I have sort of forgotten it's our birthday in only a few days...)
- raised the flag* on our building - an Australian builders tradition when the ridgebeam is nailed in place, is to nail a branch of gum to the highest point as an indication of where the roof will be.

Here's to a happy week. There's lots and lots and lots to do, but I intend to enjoy it all and have cups of tea with crochet and sunshine and breath through the rush!

* I cannot find any information about this, or the tradition of it, so will have to trust my dad that he's not making fun of us (he did seem to be doing it in all honesty). If you know about it, let me know.