in my head i am doing watercolour paintings everyday at the moment.
i don't think it has anything at all to do with all the rain falling around me.
it's just a feeling, an emotion that's welling up inside me.

when i was a child, we did watercolour painting every week at (Steiner) school. it was something that i loved just so much. was a part of me, of who i was, and how i felt. it was such a perfect outlet for some of my creativeness.

wet paper, wet paint, wet colour. makes for such deliciousness of colour and lines and movement and feeling.

i wrote last week, that i wanted to do some watercolour. it didn't quite. actually, a lot didn't quite happen last week as planned - lots of other stuff happened, so that was ok. i'm going with where life takes me - no other choice at the moment!

so, until i get the time (and materials) to sit and do some watercolour painting for myself, these images will have to suffice.......

i have started collecting watercolour images on a pinterest board - have a look. share some more with me, if you find any. this is a picture of Mars - yes, the planet Mars. it looks like skin with tattoo ink or watercolour swirls, don't you think. i have this as my desktop image - it's been there for years and still i am fascinated by it. i can't find the exact link, but i'm sure it was from the HubbleSite (i mean there aren't many sites with such detailed images of space and stuff, are there!!).