My five year old - by me

I wanted to finish the week of everyday blog posting that accidently happened around here. Five days of posting about random things. I'm not sure if you were here - or if you were interested. Oh well. I had fun. Were you here? Were you interested? Hello....

So - may as post talk about my 5 year old. Don't have much else to say for this rainy day. Sam's at home cleaning house. That's good, isn't it!

My five year old - by me
Sometimes I think my new 5 year old might think she'd 15, at least she acts like it.
Sometimes she acts like she's 15 months old.

My 5 year old likes school, mostly. She has a great gaggle of friends who give her hugs hello and goodbye. There's a boy at school who she quite likes - I've seen him stroke her hair. They're in kindy together. This is sweet and lovely, and also just a tiny bit scary.

My 5 year old is super good at drawing. She got an award at school for drawing. And another one for being an enthusiastic learner.

She tried hard to wear her school uniform, but really I know she wants to wear her tutus all the time. She does wear leopard print tights, with sparkly pink ballet shoes. She sure does have great style, my 5 year old.

My 5 year old makes up wonderful stories all the time. She chatters quietly to herself, while playing dolls or barbies, or drawing her pictures. Sometimes she lets my 7 year old join in.

Every night before bed my 5 year old says she needs a story. She can't go to sleep without a story. Mostly I do read stories, sometimes lots, sometimes one long one. Sometimes I can't read stories - so my 7 year old reads stories to his sister. It's so lovely to hear that. My 7 year old is so good at reading.

My 5 year old is learning to write words and letters. It's so good - she's loving it. Her big brother helps her with her letters, and spells out words for her to write down. Her writing is so lovely and neat and deliberate.

I love my 5 year old. I love my 7 year old as well.

The end. by me.

Perhaps there'll be more story telling next week... xxxx
*photos by Sophie Partyka, for Bambini Model Agency. Yes, my 5 year old has a model contract - only new, so no work yet......
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