month in a glance

Well we've already slipped much too easily into February. Much much too easily.

And you know what else. Well. My littlest one, that baby girl of mine. Well - she started school today. She's now a big school girl. You know what - I can totally actually believe that. She was super ready for it.

This morning, when the school bell rang, all the new kindy kids went running off to their classroom, without even a backward glance at us parents. There. Done. Grown up.
Ari helped her get dressed this morning, telling her how to do the buttons on her uniform, and he brushed her hair. She sat and let him brush it. I do so hope that they are good buddies in the play ground - though I have a sneaking suspicion that she'll be more popular than him, and may be one of those mean girls. I'm really hoping not - but I keep telling him that girls are mean. I hope she stands by her brother.

I did this little photo month, using an App Karyn told me about. It's called Photo 365, if you want to look for it. Easy and well.... there I go, a bit addictive. It might be hard to choose only one photo from each day. January is done in retrospective - so some of the days/dates might not be exactly correct, but I'm ok about that. I'm going to do February each evening, so I can choose as I go along. Sam thinks a whole year's worth would look good printed big for a wall poster - we might just do that!

{My dad is in the other room talking to his computer. It's an old old old dinosaur of a thing that someone gave him second hand. He mainly plays sudoku on it. And talks to it, about how slow it's going. Every time I'm on my computer, I hear him being frustrated with his computer's slowness. It really is funny to see my dad using a computer - he doesn't have a mobile phone, never will. *end of side note*}

On another not-so-side note - did you know I currently (as in right this moment, I'm sure it'll change before the day is up!!) have 922 photos on my Instagram feed. Perhaps I'll get my giveaway organised in time for my 1000th photo.......... do you think I can do it!!!????