guess my head must be in the clouds or something

All these clouds are from the last 3 days. We've had some pretty spectacular skies. So lovely. We've been doing lots of activities, which includes lots of driving - so some of these are taken from the window of the moving car, around our valley area.

I've been feeling a bit floaty and 'head in the clouds' this week; so I guess the fact that I've been arching my neck to look at the sky is good - getting me out of my head!

Lots happening :: nothing happening. I'm trying to figure routine and rhythms - they keep eluding me. Oh well. I keep trying.

Tomorrow Ari + I are meeting with my sister + her daughter and catching the train to Brisbane to see the Matisse exhibition at the art gallery. There will be plenty of time for crochet on the train, and chatting - the two cousins together and the two sisters together. I am really hoping Ari enjoys the exhibitions. We will take drawing supplies in case inspiration strikes!

Perhaps next week my head will level out.....

I hope you are enjoying your week my friends, xxx
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