why didn't you tell me!!!!!

so, it seems i'm still not here. in these blog-parts.
i am spending time over here - if you can be there too. it's a fun place to hang out. or pop in once in a while; which seems to be the thing to do.

now, i'm just wondering why none of you warned me that christmas is only less than 2 weeks away. i mean - i rely on you people out there to pop in and say, hey - excuse me, but we've neither seen nor heard an ounce of christmas making out of you!!! hmmmm.

anyway - you'll just say i should have opened my eyes and looked at the signs. well - i'll tell you that i simply chose to ignore them.... so - yes, ok then. all my fault, isn't it.

all my fault that tomorrow i have to brave the shopping town to search for goodness-knows-what-i'm looking for. some bits and pieces to bring home, to mid-night craft into something else or other. or perhaps there'll be some empty boxes under the tree. kids have fun in boxes, don't they!!

yesterday the kids were playing reindeer and santa. i heard Mishi sorting in her draws looking for some brown pants; she was the reindeer. i think she ended up wearing a tutu. we all know she has a few of them! Ari was santa - i saw him throwing the presents over the edge of the (cardboard box) sleigh. he said the kids were happy unwrapping their presents now. [the parents were later seen picking up said presents]. the little tutu reindeer was heard saying 'that was a big night's work'.

i've been making more crochet covered stones. i'm wishing i could just simply give one of those to everyone for their gifts. i don't know if they'll appreciate / like / get what those funny little stones are all about. i've said it before - if my 5yr old, rough-n-tumble nephew says 'i love it' when you give him a crochet covered stone, then how could anyone else not like it. i'm averaging at least 1 a day at the moment. that's one project i could get made it time before the big day arrives. [if you are reading this, and are a member of my family - first of all, act surprised when you get a yarn-covered stone for christmas, secondly - don't act surprised when i give you an iou for a yarn-covered stone, telling you i ran out of time. you know that's how i roll! you might get it one day........ or not!].

but you know what, actually. that's not even the real reason why i haven't been around here lately. apart from needing to use the precious computer power for late night etsy / blue caravan / biome / kikki k / apple / electrabikes (can you ship quickly!!) shopping****, i just haven't been here. simple as that. i either have a whole lot to say - or nothing to say. there's no inbetween with me. which is hard for good blog reading, i think.

so - now that i've said the whole lot i had to say (plus some more). i'm going again. i might be back or not. i'm planning (somewhere in the pile of lists i keep in my head) on having a giveaway here in the new year - will you come back for that. i promise i'll be here for that.

wishing safe, fun, crazy, noisy, lush, over-indulgence for you all. no silly new year's resolutions, please!!! xxxxx

**** some of these may / may not include wish list items, perhaps, maybes, whimsical wishes, and other random clutching-at-last-minute-ideas, and do not at all represent the actual items i'll be wrapping on the eve of giving.......

+ these photos were taken with my real (digital) camera, and not my phone camera. they have never been seen on instagram - unlike any other photos i've taken over the past few weeks....
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