little day dreams.....

I picked this little posy today, from our garden. I tied it up with a little bit of twine that was sitting on my table.

A purple sweet pea - oh, it smelt simply divine. That lovely perfume.
And some yellow orange golden calendula flowers. They really are very cheerful.

I can't wait until there are more sweet peas blooming. So far we have only had three little blossoms. This pink one was pretty. I planted a dwarf version, really wishing I had planted a regular size plant that would stretch to the sky. I do have some seeds; perhaps it's not too close too Summer. Perhaps I'll try anyway, and hope for the best - rather than keeping the seeds for a whole year.

Anyway. about the day dreams.....
Looking as this posy made me start to drift off and ponder on the shop I'd like to one day own. One day in the future. In my little shop I'd sell posies like this, and other little blooms picked from the garden and roadside. Simple, hand-grown flowers, for putting into tiny vases and glass jars. To remind us that beauty comes in the simplest of ways - we don't need big showy blooms or long-stem roses to proclaim our love. A simple little posy of the most delicious blooms is enough for me!
Of course there'd be lots of of other wonderful loveliness in my little shop as well..... oh yes.