hello saturday

This is where we're at this week.
+ Lots of beautiful calendulas from the garden - they continue to bloom and grow, and give me enjoyment.
+ Some screen printing of new designs for some sewing that will be done next week (fingers crossed). For my upcoming Christmas market.
+ A few beautiful rainy misty mornings - the clouds tumble over our mountains so spectacularly.
+ Gathering and collecting from the garden - enough for one meal at our dinner table. The greens (lettuce + silverbeet + japanese spinach) continue to feed us each night.
+ There's been some bread baking with a rye sourdough starter. I'm experimenting. And enjoying the results.
+ Some crochet, using t-shirt yarn. A had a little class with Helle of Gooseflesh this week. It was fun. She's so inspiring and her stitches are amazing.
+ Sam has been working on his skateboard jewellery pieces, for the market. Enjoying the handwork.

Enjoy your weekend my friends...... xxx