honey blossoms & jumping ants {life in the country}

Are you getting bored with seeing these tiny iPhone photos? I know I am. Internet and computer still haven't happened. 45 tedious minutes on the phone to telstra Saturday evening did not end in a working wi-fi connection. We are looking into different options.... {telstra is the only provider in the area, for phones, so we had no choice but to leave optus, who has served me better than well for the past 15years. We were sad to have to say goodbye.}

These are a few random images taken in our little home the other day. Books on the shelf - a few gardening ones, some house building ones, one about composting toilets (just in case you're interested, we're currently using a bucket), a much-used bird book, and a dangerous creatures book that Sam is avidly reading. Jumping ants are his current obsession. Nasty looking ants, they also have a horrible sting; and we've found a few nests nearby.
These honey scented gum blossoms were found on the forest floor, while we were at the creek helping my dad pump water. We were meant to be learning how to use the pump, but it's one of those pieces of machinery that needs just the right jiggle to get it working. I enjoyed walking and looking and remembering all the spots I explored as a child. If this rain stops, I'll take the camera and let you in on the adventure.

And just to clarify - I've had a few queries about us living in the shipping container. No, we are using it as storage for all our belongings, though it will turn into Sam's workshop/shed/garage at some stage. While we build our new home we're living in a sweet little, though very 'rustic', one roomed building. We currently have no shower (though refreshing creeks nearby, and bucket showers are a lovely thing in themselves. And my dad has a wonderful shower just up the hill), no electricity, and very minimal solar set-up. It's a bit of an adventure for the kids, which they are enjoying in varying degrees depending on the time of day.

Slowing down. Appreciating quiet moments. Enjoying sitting, watching, listening. Isn't that what life in the country is all about? I just wish it came with reliable Internet access....

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