3 little puppies

One day, some time ago, in the heady days before Christmas, school holidays, house packing, flooding throughout our city; a sweet sweet parcel arrived from our lovely blog friend (Jacqui) + penpal friend (Hazel).
Stickers and NZ native wood bird finger puppets (no photos sorry) for the kids, and these three adorable puppies - a green brooch for me + a necklace for each of the kids. I love love love my little green friend with white floppy ears. I wear her proudly - her little orange collar matches perfectly with my orange floral skirt.
These are styled on my Kikki K 2011 diary - which is super cute and fun, yet also very practical with lots of space.

(Jacqui blogs at HazelnutGirl, check her link out in my sidebar, her stitching and crafting is as cute as her daughter!)

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