{here :: being present}

I'm still here.Sort of.
Living in a very present :: now :: conscious way.

One tiny house.Four people.Lots of happiness.

For the first time in a very long time,longer than I can remember, I am living and happy to be living right where I am. Dreams&ideas&wishful thinking has taken a backseat to playing in the creek everyday with two little (naked) ones; listening to the radio in the evening with Sam as we wash-up (no electricity means no tv,CDs,computers,minimal (I)Phone games); going to bed early under the mosquito net with a good book and a torch.

Of course we are still talking,planning,thinking,dreaming about the big house we are to build. But we sit on our little verandah and look directly to the spot where our new house will be. When a long-held dream is sitting looking at you, then somehow it's easier to happily be in the moment. To let the dream evolve by itself and not have to be propelled along.

Until we organize Internet options (phone plans aren't that good for blogging or browsing), I'll be scarce around here.I'm trying to work out how to upload photos to blogger from my iPhone (4), anyone know. I do miss my laptop,don't much like the web world in minimised,app form.

Hope you're all well.I'm missing you. Promise I'll be back soon with beautiful photos to make you jealous of out 'tree-change'.