wishes & peace

I want to thank all of you who visit and read this little blog. Who encourage me with your words, ideas, input and just being here. Thank you for another wonderful year of connections a(nd getting to know myself more.)

We are heading out of town for a week. A quiet (fingers crossed) Christmas in the bush (not our new home - we are house-sitting). Sam won't be joining us there until late on Christmas eve after he finishes work and drives down. So, it will be me and the kids. 

I'm hoping to get some sewing finished for everyone in my family - some little things for the kids that I've been too sick to work on over the past few weeks. And just the teeniest little something for Sam too, nothing much really, as we are buying ourselves a new camera (and neither of us actually need anything!). I have piles of glorious fabric (this, this, this and this) that I am excited to be sewing up. I'm just planning simple things - lots of straight lines and not much need for brain use or complicated thought processes. 
I don't think we'll have internet while we're away, so I won't be back in this space until some time next week when we are back home. (If the country internet works, then I'll be perhaps popping in with some fabric / sewing show+tell). 

I wish you all beautiful holidays, time spent with family, friends and loved ones. Wishes of calm, thoughtfulness, peace, love and light to you all. And of course some delicious food, and the enjoyment of preparing and then sharing your holiday table. 

With love, Ellie
{These are the little pouches that I ended up making for Ari's school class, as a farewell gift. Mishi and I filled them with a little bead, and Ari's love note. He handed them out on the last day of class, and I do think all the kids (plus the parents) quite liked them. They did take much longer than anticipated - though I'm realising that everything always does for me lately. I made about 25 or so, and I think they took me 2 - 3 hours (plus a whole lot more of procrastination about it and fabric choosing).}