young, carefree and rosy cheeked

a school friend just posted this on her facebook page. i'm putting it here, to remind myself...........

......... that i once was young. and how super skinny i was back in high school.
{i'm the one in the pink top, with that super short denim skirt on. and the rosy cheeks. and that long hennaed hair.}. i think it was our final year of high school. we had all spent the day at the tea tree lakes near Byron Bay, swimming in the murky brown tea tree water (that is so excellent for your skin). in those last weeks and months, while we waited for school to be over, and to get our final school exam results, and have our school formal all dressed up.

in those days before...
partners, marriage,
the real world,
being grown up,
living in the big smoke.
oh, those were the days - weren't they. to be young, carefree and rosy cheeked!

{hi Christy, Manda, Nym + Bel.}
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