things to be grateful for

sometimes i go through my days feeling a bit complainy,
and wishing things were other than they are.
doing that whole 'it's not fair' dance that we humans sometimes do.

well, my mum did used to remind me that life
wasn't meant to be fair.
but, you know what. 
sometimes i think i do just have to keep reminding myself
how fair things really are
for me. 
in my life.
my days.
my family.

i think i've got better than the fair share of good things.
things to be grateful for. 

i have this little journal that i bought, on a whim,
to help remind me to be grateful.
I enjoy sitting with it, at quiet moments, to stop 
and positively think about the things that are good.
that make me happy.
that make me feel grateful for my life.

This morning I am grateful for:
// the little baby kitten who lives with us. her name is red flower, and she climbs into bed with me in the morning giving me sweet little kisses and kicks her legs about in the air. she likes wearing rainbow dresses and no shoes and eating mangoes and dancing pretty little dances.
// my parents-in-law, for always being there to help me out, with a smile and kindness.
// being able to pick the carrots this morning, with the kids from Ari's classroom, from their little garden (which we have been tending the past few months). to spend time with a whole classroom of growing minds is just wonderful.
// the breeze blowing in through my window, and fluttering upon my face in a soft and kind manner.
// organising enrolments at new schools and pre-schools for both my kids; this means we really are moving, and it's happening so so soon.

*all images borrowed, with deep thanks, from Erin Endicott. Her work uplifts and inspires me, in an usual and strong way. Do go and have a look at her exquisite hand work.