Printing weekend -

I had my first printing workshops this weekend. And had such fun, I do really hope you all had fun too. It's so lovely to see the amazing different and individual designs that people come up with. And how different colours make such a difference to the overall look. These are some images from Saturday's workshop. I totally forgot to take any on Sunday, for the Brown Owls printing day.

above image :: many hands helping. Was so great to see how everyone jumped in and helped each other out with the mechanics of learning to screen print. Things that I have learnt to do over the years (hold the screen and the squeedgie and not get blobs ink on the fabric all at once), was like a little operating theatre - with tools being past and held as needed.
below :: Bree's perfectly cut little pots. The colour looks black here, but is was actually a deep redish  / maroon / chocolate colour. She repeated the pots at the opposite end of the tea towel. She also printed some of our berry hemp with deep grey pots, which she plans on sewing into placemats. Bree's design came from an all-time favourite Lotta Prints.

above :: left - Michelle's beautifully cut tree design. right - Michelle + Estelle, cutting their intricate designs. Michelle's was a round branchy tree, and Estelle's was a mangrove (below left). Both of them came with ideas, which we talked about and decided to make them opposite of the original design. The negative background was cut out to form the design, rather than the actual tree shape itself. They both turned out as beautiful pieces of artwork, esp the grey ink on black linen tea towels.
below :: right - Doreen's sweet little houses. Crisp blue on white and black tea towels - was amazing to see the difference the same ink looks on different fabrics. I can't wait to see the details Doreen's going to add to these houses - a talented quilter, she has a big list of gifts to make before she can start on the sashiko flowers and clouds she was planning on adding to her houses.

above :: Geraldine's leafy-vine shapes, printed in a eucalyptus green / grey colour, which looked super lovely on the black linen. Our little visiting friend thought it melded into the backyard just perfectly, and came for a bit of a look around and laugh. This design had a second print run, to put a third leaf in the middle.
below :: Geraldine and Christine printing the most amazing aqua colour, onto our berry hemp. Christine's hand cut seed pod design looked excellent as a repeat pattern along the width of fabric. Unfortunately, I didn't get any more than this photo of it. Can't wait to hear what you make with it Christine!

above:: Michelle's tree design, which also looks like a leaf with veins. Deep grey on white and black linen.

And all the lovely, friendly ladies enjoying their finished pieces (and hair drying them so they wouldn't smudge on the car trip home). From l - r :: Christine, Geraldine, Doreen, Bree, Michelle & Estelle. (sorry the photo quality isn't too good....).
I love this photo, that Bree took, of the screens drying in the sun. These prove that simple, bold, graphic designs make for fantastic results. Sometimes it's the littlest and simplest shapes that really do make the best impression. I'm always so inspired by how everyone's designs are so totally different, the colour combinations they choose, and the planning of what they'll make it into, or how they're going to keep printing at home. Yah!

If you're interested in learning how to screen print - Come along to one of our fun beginner's workshops at our little studio. You'll hand cut your own stencils, using your original designs (I'll be there to help with design inspiration!), and then print using a blank screen and toxic-free printing ink. All materials will be provided as well as ongoing help, and access to extra materials at wholesale prices. We'll be printing onto sustainable and organic fabrics. You're welcome to bring along your own materials for printing onto (t-shirts, pillow cases, baby onesies, etc).We'll talk about designs suitable for stencil cut printing, as well as exposed screens.

I'm opening bookings up for the following dates:
Saturday 27th Nov, Saturday 4th Dec & Sunday 5th Dec. Gather some friends and have a crafty day out together - a yummy lunch is included, and perhaps our little kookaburra friend will come along too. Bookings and further info here. Or email me {} with any questions.