happy {rain.wet} sunday

the house is quiet.
sam has taken the kids down the coast, to pick up a friend.
they will be gone for hours.
i wish i could lounge and read and sip tea and listen to music and enjoy the peace of the {relatively} tidy house.

oh no.
i have to head over to the studio. some more printing. and cutting. and packing things up to take to my new machinist this afternoon.

i'd best get off my b.t.m* and get going.

oh. but sitting in the quiet of the still from the rain on a sunday. that's just so good.

i hope you are enjoying your sunday. and if you live near melbourne, you shouldn't be reading this (come back and read tonight!), you should be at finders keepers. say hi to nina if you do happen to go, as she's there with her lovely lovely pieces. 


* b.t.m. is a little line from 'under milkwood' by dylan thomas. i was in a performance of it during my final year at school. except, that we got flooded in at our house during the whole week of the actual performance dates. so i only really did the months and months and months of rehearsals and making costumes and learning lines, and not the one week of lime-light on the stage. oh well.
** images are from the studio. on a sunny day last week. which tea pot shall i use today.
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