a sneak peek {kids view}

Here's a few images from the first fashion shoot ever for my first fashion collection ever. These are not the images from the photographer (my talented brother-in-law, Ben), but taken using my camera. Ash  and Ari took them. Sam was the photographer's assistant and I was the stylist / dress-pinner / kid wrangler. And my gorgeous rocker-chic, skater-girl, sweet smiling sister was the model.

 I'll hopefully have the full shoot to show you in a few days. I'm super excited about how it turned out. Like.a.real.fashion.shoot. {does that mean I might be a real designer....}

* I do think these kids are both shaping up to be good little photographers. Perhaps they need to spend more time watching Ben, and seeing the results (hmmm..... guess I should print their photos onto paper, rather than just viewing on the computer screen).