september stitches

Well, seeing as how it's getting very close to the end of the month (yet, again, again, again....) I realised that I haven't once written about my self-stitch-september.

i believe the main reason is that well, i didn't keep to wearing my own stitched clothes every day. i guess i shouldn't really have signed up for this project when i was busily, steadily, madly, frantically, dedicatedly working on other things. ie - sewing clothes for myself took a far back seat to sewing clothes for my new collection.
but then again - it did mean there are just a few sample pieces that i've been wearing. (as well as wearing other self-made items).

i've not taken photos of me wearing my new pieces. perhaps because i don't look anywhere near as wonderfully rock chick as Sylv, or sweet pretty little thing either. (different clothes, different light, different shoes and different styling makes for a different girl - doesn't it). mainly because getting the photos taken just simply doesn't always happen (rushing out the door, or wrong light the camera, or no-one to take the photo, or ........).

Ari took these photos a short while ago - the three of us went out for dinner (Sam was working late) with some friends. the blue skirt was one i'd just made the few days earlier (i'm still deciding on the length it will be, think it needs to be shortened). the belt is one i made quite a while ago from some beautiful kimono silk remnants - love that intense deep red.

Kim did take some photos of me the other night in my new red Art Skirt, but i'm not sure how they turned out (perhaps they didn't?).

anyway - self-stitched me is a continual progression. i don't / won't buy new clothes for myself unless they are {at least one of the below}
a) handcrafted
b) locally made
c) organic / fair trade
d) second hand
e) something i will have + wear + cherish for many many years more (longevity in fashion is very important to me).

so - once my full fashion collection is finished and ready i'll have a whole new wardrobe of my own things to wear. won't that be good!