evidence that i do actually do work and stuff

We made some cool little t-shirts for Ari's school friends' birthday over the weekend. {It was a double birthday party, of two of his best friends - well, the ones he talks about the most; do 5-6yr old boys have best friends?}.

So, here's our studio table, which Nina and I have been branding each time we do a print run. When it's all thick and stiff with printed images we'll cut it up and hang it on our walls {inspired in large by SpaceCraft}.

For the t-shirts, Ari hand drew his design onto the contact paper, which I then cut out using a really sharp scalpel cutting blade. Then we stuck the contact to our blank screen, and printed using custom mix-on-the-screen colours. {I love swirling ink colours on the screen, each print then gets different variations of the colours through it - if you're going to try it, make sure you use colours that will mix harmoniously and not end up mucky or dirty}.

A few other printing shed images - the printing screens, lined up ready for the next print run, are Kindling designs. Still no photos of inside the other parts of the studio - our sewing, cutting, talking, planning, thinking spaces - lots of space to spread out and not have to tidy up in time for dinner or worry that a kid is going to step on anything. Yah for that!