my pair

I printed and sewed some red pear cushions last week.
With the sun shining (finally) I thought how wonderful to get some fun images with the kids holding the cushions.
While the photographic evidence is proof that they could both pass as models (yes, yes, I can be a doting mama, can't I?); you only have my word that the behaviour when I asked them to get dressed in what I wanted, and not what they wanted is further proof they are either perfect models (as in little prima-donnas) or not at all suited. The littlest one spent a good while whinging and telling me she didn't like blue, and wanting to wear some hot pink floral thing.... The big one argued that the orange pants he had on were a good thing to wear. Eventually I enticed them into something. {You may notice that the little one is actually wearing pink, and not the blue top I put out for her. Oh well.}
So - while my camera and my photographic skills aren't too good - I do think that the models and the styling and of course, the product, are pretty something okay. What do you think?

You can order your own over here, any colour you like. And any other designs, if pears aren't your thing. There's a few purses in the shop as well. More things to come soon, as I start getting settled into my new studio space {more on that soon.....}.