• to be positive
  • come up with fresh ideas
  • motivate myself despite the gloomy skies and cold rainy days we've been having here lately
  • sort out and throw away that pile of stuff that always seems to accumulate on my desk
  • not dream and hope too much about the block of land (plus "rustic" shed) we're looking at next week
  • ignore the fact that the kids room is a mess, again, even though I spent all day Friday tidying it
  • clear my mind, body and soul
  • stop agonising about everything that I can't do, and start reminding myself of the things that I do do
  • stop spending so much time procrastinating, and blog-hopping
  • get back into the sewing room, despite the cold down there, and the mess of things I'm trying to pack up for an eventual move. despite the little creature who wants to be beside me each and every day with her sweet, high-pitched voice. {thank you Ky + Roz for your total patience in waiting for the things I should be making for you}
  • to get my crafty mojo back
  • to find balance in my life
First step is getting my office back into shape. I had one of those rearrange all the furniture as a refresh over the busy weekend (while family was visiting). {Do you always find that when you're doing that extra tidy before family comes to stay is the time you want to start moving furniture around! I'm quite bad at it}.
Second step is the clothes pile that is too daunting to think about. Most of it are outgrown and never worn by the kids. So some massive clothes culling is in order. Less clothes = less to wash, fold and put away = less mess = more happy me. Simple formula, hey!
Third step is to get my sewing + printing room sorted out. Finish up the things I need to send out to all those patiently waiting people.
Fourth step is to find my design + sewing mojo again, and get stuck into this new range of products I have floating around in my head, and my sketch book.

Thankfully I'm finding happiness in small spots of my home. Little arrangements that speak to me. A clear spot within the gloom and mess that is in my head (and house). Bright, yet tiny, sparks within me building and growing, just waiting waiting waiting.

{flower from our beautiful tree in the front yard, that has daily birdy visitors. tea pot was my birthday gift to myself from the Bangalow market, by Lucy Vanstone. passionfruits are from the house down the road}{seems the lack of light inside my house has seriously effected this image}